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Duke Dunne

Duke is the barber/manager and co-owner of Blokes Barbershop & Gentleman’s Emporium with his wife Jill Ervais. He has been hairdressing for the past 40 years. While still at school, he started his training at James & Peter (one of the UK’s finest salons), before joining Vidal Sassoon for his apprenticeship. After Sassoon’s, Duke went on to work, art direct and manage several city center salons before concentrating on his music career. As the swing revival faded, he returned to management and hairdressing full time before meeting up with Jill, his American ex-girlfriend of 26 years previous, and rekindling their relationship.

Since moving to the US in 2011, Duke has built a reputation as one of Philadelphia’s finest barbers. He has featured in magazine articles on best hairdressing practices and received rave reviews all over the internet. Dukes shaving techniques have been adopted by many of those around him and he has been commissioned to give master classes in barber schools and salons around the North East.


Gionna BorgEsi

Gionna comes to Blokes Barbershop & Gentleman’s Emporium with a wealth of barbering knowledge gleaned from several years working in high quality barbering establishments around Philadelphia and a driving passion to learn. She already goes to many seminars and classes around the country and joins us wanting to develop on her already considerable shaving techniques. 

When questioned recently in a magazine article about whether she considered herself a stylist, a grooming expert or a barber Gionna firmly stated she was a barber first and foremost but she insisted that barbering has to have style.

“It’s not just a job, it’s a passion. It’s shaping, it’s designing, it’s art. The most important thing is to make the customer look and feel good. I’m very excited to join the team here and look forward to increasing my knowledge and barbering techniques with Blokes Barbershop & Gentleman’s Emporium.”


Dana ChEtalo

Dana started hairdressing in 2010; she’s built her knowledge working in several diverse salons in the Philadelphia area. After graduating cosmetology school she became a colorist and product expert before moving into barbering four years ago. Dana has since continued her substantial skill development attending seminars in advanced cutting and coloring techniques by hairdressing luminaries like Nick Arrojo and Vidal Sassoon. She specializes in color camouflage, fading and hair sculpting work, designing and matching style for the individual. 

Dana’s lust for life and knowledge motivates her trips to NY for fashion week and hairdressing conventions to keep up with the latest trends in hair and clothing. Her fun character and bubbly outlook keep her ever-popular for bridal, bachelor and hairdressing parties along with her ever growing customer base.


Angela paese

With over a decade of experience in barbering and the cosmetology industry, Angela comes to Blokes Barbershop & Gentleman's Emporium with much enthusiasm and passion in her craft. Born and raised in the Bronx, Angela worked in Manhattan at one of the leading barbershops in New York.  With her recent move to Philadelphia, she is enjoying exploring the city through the bursting culinary scene, trying out new restaurants and famous local dinning spots. Besides being an artist behind the chair, she also has a devotion for photography and has spent time working on high fashion photoshoots.

Angela brings with her a NYC flair and an ability to cater to any individuals needs. Her understanding of sculpting and design reflects in her haircuts and her fun spirit adds a new dimension to the energy of the Blokes Barbershop Team.


Mike Kelly

Mike has worked in the service industries for 10 years building a superb reputation for his listening skills, attention to detail, and product knowledge. He continues to strive to be the best in any service or craft that he has set his mind to so far.

Mike turned his attention to barbering just over two years ago, and plotted his course through collage and an apprenticeship in his usual full hearted manner. We are proud to have mike on board as our first apprentice to be taking his qualifying exams under our guidance. He is already building on all the knowledge he gained at collage and delivering a great barbering experience to all his customers.


Steven Phean

After his experience at the Tony and Guy institute and the Schwazscopf beauty institute Steven decided that his future path in the beauty industry would be barbering. He turned to the barber that inspired his path into the hair business in the first place, Duke Dunne.

Now with his first licences under his belt he has come to Blokes Barbershop & Gentleman's Emporium to further his techniques and experiences. Steven is a fine addition to The Blokes Barbershop staff.



jill ervais

Jill is co-owner and business/retail manager of Blokes Barbershop & Gentleman’s Emporium. She has run her own import/export business for 20 years, sourcing high quality, hand-made and fairly traded products from Egypt. Sourcing the most unique and interesting products has become a quest for Jill; over the years, she has become a go-to for Egyptian art, supplying major museums and high-end retail around the world. Her curiosity and interest in people & cultures inform the high quality and eclectic collection of retail products for sale at Blokes. 

Traveling and meeting people from all over the world has become a passion of Jill’s.  She looks forward to working with her husband, Duke Dunne, and meeting and getting to know all the people who cross our doorway.  When you walk into Blokes, you are not only a customer but a welcomed friend.



Philadelphian Jo comes to Blokes Barbershop & Gentleman's Emporium with a wealth of local knowledge after working at the Philadelphia visitors center. Jo is a keen fitness enthusiast and a well known member of 12th St gym and other local communities. She has a great sense of humor and friendly demeanor. Jo mans the reception desk at Blokes Barbershop 3 days per week.


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