One year in

It's been one year since we started and it's flown. Jill and I find it hard to believe that we have had the opportunities that we have had. Thank you to all of our guests so far and those of you who are coming to visit us for the first time.

We have had visits by news crews from TV and magazines, held art exhibitions, music jams and steadily increased our staff.  It's been a blast to see the business grow so much in such a short time.

 We are continuing to change the artwork in the shop along with the music on the jukebox. Sometimes with themes like the many sounds of Philadelphia where we had just Philly music on the jukebox and photo's of various Philly stars adorning the walls to NOLA Jazz-fest posters and pictures with the music of New Orleans being dominant. We look forward to many other ideas that we have in the pipeline to keep Blokes Barbershop & Gentleman's Emporium an interesting and ever developing environment in the future.

We are now doing a regular last Sunday in the month jam session for all styles of music. Everyone is welcome even if you are just shaking a shaker or banging a tambourine, as long as you are participating in the fun that's all we want. We have had jams with pro musicians and beginners on many occasions since we started and all the instruments in the shop have been played many times in many styles. So those of you out there who fancy a jam on Sunday 29th of January at 4.30 pm call around and join us we'd love to see you.